Copyright is a podium for all composers, even lesser-known and anonymous ones. The editorial staff of this website has purposefully chosen to upload songs that are not available in well-known or previously published collections. The reason being that there are so many hidden treasures in obscure, out of print, and foreign collections that few people know about or are not readily available. The vast majority of the songs on this site are no longer copyrighted, with the exception of a small number of songs that are used frequently in the Waldorf Schools and constitute a core part of the school curriculum. For these songs we have clearly noted the source and the collection where the songs can be found. has a Buma license, which permits the playing of MP3 files.

The editors have striven to give credit to the original authors whenever possible, but this information is not always available. We will gladly add any missing information. For that reason, we ask that authors whose songs have not been properly credited contact us using the following form.

Any authors who do not wish for their song(s) to be shared on this platform need only contact us and their song(s) will be removed from the website. is a non-profit initiative. No money is made from the song material on this website. We sincerely hope that the songwriters and composers whose material is posted on this site recognize that our sole purpose is to share and expand this wonderful repertoire free of charge.


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